Hi everyone!

Please, allow me to introduce myself as MarioADV. I am a fearless Moroccan explorer whose mission is to discover and explore the breathtaking areas and regions of Morocco from the saddle of my trusty and faithful motorcycle.

I am here to share with you the most beautiful and inspiring moments of my journey into unveiling the mesmerizing secrets of Morocco. The tales I share with you are not just about travel; they are about inspiring you and igniting the flames of wanderlust within your soul! They are an invitation to start your own journey and seize your own adventures!

But why MarioADV?

It wasn’t really a result of a conscious decision. It was actually bestowed upon me by a friend who happened to spot me in a café one day and found me later in a different city, astride my trusty motorcycle. This name is inspired by the iconic game character of “Super Mario”. This name represents my indomitable soul that drives my adventures.

Who am I?

I am Mohammed, the only driving force behind MarioADV’s Motorcycle Chronicles. I was born and raised in Morocco, and I have always been captivated by the multifaceted beauty of this precious country. It wasn’t until I started hitting the road that I comprehended the enjoyment of exploring and adventuring. The spark of adventure and risk that I had felt then ignited deep within my soul, and from that moment on, I never looked back.

What began as a humble motorcycle has swiftly been transformed into a portal to unforgettable and unparalleled experiences. With each throttle twist, I embarked on a transformative experience that not only unveiled the Moroccan breathtaking splendor but also took me to the gracious people who call this land their home. From the Atlas Mountains to the Moroccan Sahara Desert, each region has its own beauty, character, story, and cultural identity.

The birth of MarioADV

Yes, I couldn’t keep my remarkable encounters and breathtaking experiences to myself. I felt compelled to share my inspiring and rich adventures with you through this humble blog. Whether you are an experienced rider or a seasoned traveler, my stories and my travel experiences are here to set your adventurous soul on fire. From the lively Souqs of Marrakech to the calm oases of the Moroccan Sahara, I shall invite you to join me on this splendid journey to the heart of Morocco.

Now take a seat on my virtual motorcycle pillion and get yourself prepared for an epic journey!

Through my words, photographs, and videos, you will be transported across borders to breathe life into the vibrant Moroccan tapestry. Together, we will be sharing countless stories, miles, and inspiring moments. Join me now!

What Gear & Software Do You Use? 🎥

Please remember that gear isn’t the key to making good content. Creativity, dedication, and trust are. We are now able to buy better gear but that didn’t gave us our first successes at all! Here’s what we used over the years.

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I started taking pictures with my phone. Redmi Not 10

Now I have the same phone plus a GoPro hero 3

My motorcycle name is cimatti 49cc